UX/UI • App
WeShare was Volkswagen's fully electric car-sharing service in Berlin and Hamburg.

Client: WeShare
Designers: Giulia Cucija, Clara-Maria Manzoni
Deliverables: UX, User flows, prototypes, final screens


We were fortunate to participate in a significant project involving the integration of WeShare car rental feature alongside their existing car-sharing app. Collaborating as a focused team of three, our efforts were dedicated to optimizing user experiences by designing new user flows tailored to both existing and returning users. This encompassed crafting prototypes, rigorously testing our assumptions, and ultimately producing the final screens that were subsequently handed over for development.


How to Ensure Comprehensive Documentation of Vehicle Conditions Prior to Rental.

How to Streamline Incident Documentation for Rental Vehicles.

How to Optimize Access to Nearest Available Vehicles.

How to Efficiently Book Rental Cars in Advance.


To enhance the user booking process, we introduced a pre-booking system accompanied by timely notifications for impending rental periods. Additionally, users gained the ability to cancel their bookings effortlessly.

Implementing a user-friendly photo upload feature, we empowered users to capture and document vehicle damages before embarking on their journey, while our app graphically indicated the exact damage area.

Moreover, we facilitated the extension of rental durations, providing drivers with flexibility as their needs evolved.

Catering to newcomers, our app boasts a seamless onboarding experience complemented by clear, illustrative guidance, ensuring a smooth initiation into the platform.

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