Packaging Design

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Revolutionizing sex toy packaging with innovative designs that redefine the art of presentation and pleasure.

Client: Amorelie
Designs: Janar Siniloo


Having embarked on a groundbreaking venture, I spearheaded the reinvention of packaging for sex toys, infusing a touch of innovation and creativity into a traditionally overlooked realm. By pushing boundaries and reimagining the very essence of packaging design, we crafted a new approach that not only enhanced the product experience but also elevated the overall perception of the industry. Our journey heralded a new era in sex toy packaging, captivating consumers and igniting conversations, as we redefined the art of presentation and pleasure.


BOHO - Was featured in Fauna and Flora by Victionary and in the Dieline

BOLD - Was featured in several blogs including Mindsparkle Mag

VOU - Got recognition for its elegant design in the adult toy fairs

MOQQA - Was accepted to be sold in Germany's biggest drugstore DM

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