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Kokontsert brings music therapy to couples, kids and individuals to help them tune in with their inner world.

Client: Vahur Kubja
Page Development: Tilda.cc
Design and Concept: Janar Siniloo


Vahur Kubja, my client since the development of his personal homepage, entrusted me with the opportunity to contribute to his latest venture, KoKontsert. For this project, I orchestrated a comprehensive branding solution tailored to their music-related therapy classes. Crafting a cohesive visual language, I designed captivating posters and banners to amplify their presence. Beyond design, I also played a pivotal role in shaping their business strategy, ensuring seamless alignment between their offerings and the webpage's features, elevating their online presence and impact.


Cultivate a sophisticated and mature visual language, striking a balance between creativity and professionalism while steering clear of clichés.

Tackle the challenge of visually representing the abstract concept of music therapy, utilizing innovative and evocative design elements to convey its essence effectively.

Forge a cohesive and consistent style, ensuring seamless brand representation across various platforms to establish a strong and recognizable identity.

Employ strategic and informative design approaches to effectively communicate the intricacies of music therapy to clients, fostering a deeper understanding of their services and mission.


Developed a dynamic and versatile design language for use across posters and banners.

Crafted a compelling landing page to effectively market their services to schools and individuals.

Designed and implemented a robust platform to showcase their expertise and educate potential clientele about music therapy.

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