One Business ID

UX/UI • Project Management • SaaS
OBID is a central single sign-on (SSO) ID and client (SaaS) verification and management platform for B2B customers in the VW Branch.

Client: CARIAD
Designers: Janar Siniloo, Parth Pandya
Development: Diconium


As a pivotal member of the SCRUM team, I actively collaborated and provided valuable consultations to Product Owners and Developers, ensuring seamless alignment of objectives. My role encompassed managing daily tasks and tickets within the UX team while diligently adhering to sprint goals. I engaged in designing and enhancing both new and existing features, prioritizing user-centric solutions. Conducted rigorous user testing initiatives, while offering support to the Q&A team, exemplifying my commitment to driving exceptional user experiences and ensuring the projects success.


How to streamline communication between developers, addressing previous design inconsistencies and facilitating seamless collaboration.

How to expedite delivery time from the translation agency.

Migrated old files from Sketch to Figma.

How to revamp the design system, ensuring it aligns with the latest requirements.


Streamlined user flows and screen concepts.

Crafted UX writing and developed Phrase keys (translation plugin) for the translators.

Derived valuable insights through testing existing flows.

Enhanced the existing Group UI3 Designs System for product improvement.

Addressed UI inconsistencies to improve overall user experience.

Proactively suggested new improvements beyond the PI scope.

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